County Down Grand Black Chapter

Instituted 1846

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Newry Orange & Black Districts Organise Banner Mission.

Banners play a very important role within the Loyal Orders.  The paintings on the banners portray the history and teaching of the Reformed faith.  The Biblical basis and Christ Centred teaching of the Loyal Orders is very evident when they are on parade as many banners contain colourful paintings of great Biblical characters and events that are very challenging and thought provoking. 

To highlight and promote the message of the Bible the members of Newry Orange and Black District are planning a special week of meetings in a “Banner Mission” from Sunday 10th April – Sunday 17th April. Each evening a painting from a banner within Newry Orange & Black Districts will be the subject of the sermon. The meetings will be held as follows:

Sunday 10th April at 3pm Newry District Hall
Monday 11th April at 7.45pm in Donaghmore Orange Hall
Tuesday 12th April at 7.45pm in Commons Orange Hall
Wednesday 13th April at 7.45pm in Ryans Presbyterian Church Hall
Thursday 14th April at 7.45pm in Bessbrook Orange Hall
Friday 15th April at 7.45pm in Warrenpoint Orange Hall
Sunday 17th April at 3pm Newry District Hall

There will be community praise and special singers each evening an everyone will receive a warm welcome. 

For further details please contact t. 07736272623 or email: or CLICK HERE FOR FLIER